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xtendum is your partner for meaningful offshore collaboration. We specialise in IT cooperation. Specifically we are experienced professionals in cross-cultural partnerships. We operate in Western Europe and the US. Our development center is in South Asia (Pakistan).

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Offshore Software Development

With 10+ years experience on the ground, we help you get started with the right offshore software development partner.

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Team Augmentation | Extended Workbench
MVP Development | Project Management | E-Commerce Solutions
DevOps | IT Operations 24/7 | Cloud Operations
Tier 2/Tier 3 Support | Network security
Hi-Tech BPO | Asset Tagging | Asset Labelling
AI DataScience | Blockchain | Web 3.0

Cultural Coaching for individuals and teams

Help your employees thrive in a culturally diverse team and take intercultural partnerships with other companies to the next level.

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Navigating intercultural partnerships is not easy. Learn from the experience of successful and sustainable cooperations.

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Offshore Software Development

We help you get started with the right offshore software development partner.

For ten years we have done staffing and completed projects for our European clients succesfully. We know exactly what offshoring means because we have experienced all the pros and cons of it ourselves.

  • Team Augmentation (extended workbench) - Do you need offshore software development extending your existing team?
  • Cost Efficency - Do you have a business idea to be developed in a cost-effective way?
  • Quality - Do you need a reliable offshore software partner with a track-proven record?

We know the needs of small and medium-sized companies particularly well and can support you in the creation and operation of a customized solution. Thanks to our partnership with a leading local IT company with over 200 software developers, we can support you in a wide range of technologies.

We are your co-worker and sparring partner, and we are your lifeline, if something should go wrong.

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Cultural Coaching & Training. For individuals and teams.

Help your employees thrive in a culturally diverse team and take intercultural partnerships with other companies to the next level.

  • Do you wish for more trust and effectiveness in your existing intercultural cooperation?
  • You are not sure whether the other side is not able to meet your requirements or whether the lack of success is due to misunderstandings?
  • Is the increasing frustration in multicultural cooperation getting you down or is it causing team members to give up?
  • Do you want to learn more about cultural intelligence and how it can help make your intercultural teams more effective?

We help you clear away the obstacles and accompany you on the path to success. We do trainings and can coach and enable your teams to work successfully.

Cultural Coaching can be booked as a Value-Added-Service for above software offshore service or standalone for the support of your existing multicultural team.

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Offers: Cultural Trainings | Regular Coachings | Cultural Mentoring | Sparring partner for discussion

Intercultural Consultancy

Navigating intercultural partnerships is not easy. Learn from the experience of successful and sustainable cooperations.

  • Are you planning to start a multicultural collaboration and you want to make it right from the start?
  • Are you already in a intercultural collaboration but you need on-site presence and practical support?
  • Would you like to develop your cultural intelligence to improve your cross-cultural cooperation?

We share our cultural insights gained through years of experience and accompany you in the realisation of your goals.

Offers: Cultural Insights | Partner On-Site | Quality Checks On-Site | Sparring partner | Facilitator & Networker | Access to local Experts

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About Us

Let's build bridges, not walls.

With more than 10 years of practical on-the-ground experience in collaboration between Europe and Southwest Asia (Pakistan), we will support you in achieving your business goals.

We specialise in IT cooperation, but are happy to support you in any partnership that requires cross-cultural experience, intelligence, skills and on-site availability.

How do we work?

  1. We believe it makes a difference that we have face-to-face communication with our partners. Therefore some of our Western staff is regulary on-site and is responsible for training the right talents and smoothly coordinating with our European clients.
  2. We believe in partnership. It takes both partners to reach the highest levels of efficency, quality and profitability. In the same way we partner with our Pakistani talents; training programmes, coaching and frequent assessment ensure that everyone involved mutually benefits.
  3. We believe in social and environmental sustainability. By providing work to some of the most talented Pakistani professionals and offering working conditions comparable to Europe, we are taking a stand against the brain drain that is detrimental to the local economy. In a country where environmental protection is still in its initial stages, we set an example in this area through our business practices.

Christian Herter, Founder & Managing Director

Christian Herter focuses on how teams and leaders navigate the complexities of cultural differences between Western and South Asian cultures.

Christian Herter is a Swiss grown entrepreneur holding a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Zurich. He is a certified Coach EASC and has spent 10+ years with his family in Pakistan running a software house. He has immersed himself in the local culture and built relationships among people from all social classes. Pakistan has a mixed reputation and is often misunderstood. Christian Herter has invaluable experience in building trust in this context.

Christian Herter loves the warm-hearted tea talks and is amazed by the improvisational talents of the Pakistani people. He is thrilled to see how quickly ideas become realities. Christian Herter appreciates the goal-oriented business approach practiced in his native Switzerland. Additionally he likes the Swiss focus on reliablity and quality, while welcoming feedback from every employee. Christian Herter loves asking curious questions and being questioned himself. He is passionate about serving individuals and teams thrive and enjoy collaboration in a culturally diverse environment.

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Offices & Location

Founded in 2013, the head office of xtendum gmbh is based in Schwellbrunn AR, Switzerland. The affiliated company xtendum services pvt. ltd. operates on-site and is based in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Some of our Clients

We have worked with many small and medium-sized enterprises in the past, but also with some large companies. Among others, we have provided (or are still providing) offshore software services to the clients below.



With over 200+ employees at our leading local IT partner, we can support you in a wide range of industries and technologies. Technology Examples:

  • Full-Stack Development - .Net Core, Angular, PHP; frameworks such as MVC, Laravel, Symfony; deployment on cloud platforms like MS Azure and AWS.
  • Frontend Development - AngularJS, ReactJs, Vue.js, JQuery, HTML5, CSS, Integration of JAM Stack and Firebase services.
  • Backend Development - Python (Django, FastAPI), NodeJs, Ruby on Rails (ROR), PHP database management with SQL and NoSQL, Serverless Architekturen on AWS and Azure.
  • Mobile Native for iOS using Objective C and Swift, for Android using Java and Kotlin.
  • Mobile Cross-Plattform with frameworks like Flutter, React Native, Xamarin
  • Data and Machine Learning - Data visualization with MS PowerBI, Tableau; data integration with Azure DataFactory, AWS QuickSight; machine learning algorithm implementations; data processing with TensorFlow, PyTorch, Pandas and Scikit-Learn.
  • CMS & Ecommerce - Design and development on platforms like Magento, Shopify, Drupal and Sitecore.
  • Cloud Administration - Migration strategies, infrastructure management on platforms like MS Azure, AWS, MS 365 and G Suite.
  • Dev Ops - Integration and deployment with Jenkins, Docker, Ansible; infrastructure as code with CloudFormation and Terraform; leveraging cloud platforms like MS Azure DevOps, AWS DevOp; virtualization with Vmware and Powershell scripting.


If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate and contact us to arrange a phone call. We look forward to hearing from you!

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